Which Self Are You? by Astra Niedra

Which Self Are You?

Which Self Are You? is a lighthearted overview of 44 selves.

It includes the Pleaser, Perfectionist, Responsible Parent, Achiever, Warrior, Romantic, Spiritual Seeker, Procrastinator, Joker, Adventurer, Princess, Creative, Playful Child, Vulnerable Child, Rebel, Patriarch, the Wise self, and many more.

As you read about the selves you’ll begin to realise which selves you have identified with (your primary selves) and which ones don’t get much say (disowned selves).

The Greatest Relationship Secret

This ebook illustrates how the single, most significant factor for relationship success works in two different relationships.

It explains why relationship advice and communication strategies may not work in the long term without understanding this simple yet profound secret.

The Perfect Relationship

The Perfect Relationship

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Most relationships could be better if people had some basic information about how relationships work. This ebook reveals the 10 fundamental steps for experiencing a fulfilling and passionate relationship that allows each partner to grow. My own marriage has lasted over 25 years so far using these steps.

“… provides extremely useful advice for people living a long-term relationship. If we, readers, started to implement at least half of the ten rules, I am sure the world would change…” – Pierre Cauvin, Leadership Coach, Co-Creator of CCTI®, a Jungian Typology

The Simplest Relationship Remedy by Astra Niedra

The Simplest Relationship Remedy

This quick-read ebook shares 3 simple techniques to revitalise any romantic relationship. These fixes will kick-start a healing process in a relationship, and the person doing them doesn’t even need to tell their partner they are doing anything.

Enlightenment Through Motherhood

This is the story of how I realised the hidden significance of what mothers do every day. It’s a fun read all mothers will relate to but its message couldn’t be more serious.

“This book is just what the world needs now as our planet continues to move towards political and ecological disaster while the patriarchal systems that still dominate our thinking continue to devalue everything traditionally – and biologically – female.

In a most perfect balance of yin and yang, of logic and feeling, of humor and gravity, Astra Niedra reclaims for all human beings – not just women – a precious element of that which is truly sacred in life.

Here is a new way of thinking of spirituality, of valuing our humanity while living a spirit-infused life, and a fascinating (and novel) path to enlightenment! It’s a consciousness changer and I loved it.” – Sidra Stone PhD

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This FREE ebook introduces Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves with an everyday example of how you might use this consciousness work to help you make better choices.