What is Voice Dialogue?

A light-hearted overview of 44 inner voices or selves

You know about the Inner Critic and Inner Child, but did you know there are many other selves in your inner family?

This ebook is an introduction to Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves, the theory underpinning Dr Hal and Sidra Stones’ ground-breaking Voice Dialogue method that allows us to communicate with the selves that inhabit our inner world.  

You get to meet 44 selves in this entertaining overview. You’ll be sure to recognise some within yourself and in the people you know.

Which Self Are You? by Astra Niedra

About Astra

I'm a writer and teacher of the personal growth work Voice Dialogue. I help people to understand themselves and their relationships using this empowering model of consciousness.

My Voice Dialogue website is a free educational resource on all things Voice Dialogue. 

I’m currently working on a book inspired by my grandmother’s secret WWII love letters.

Astra Niedra has an ability to work with very profound ideas and translate them into language that makes them available to people with little psychological experience.

Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone

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